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Diagnose Site Issues Like A Boss.

Video Record, Snip Screens, Annotate & More!

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Dev Sites. Unlimited IP Cloaking Option. Bug Tracking
Software + Management Tool That Works on ANY Framework.


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Start a free trial with no credit card. A website shouldn’t be managed by SMS, Skype or even emails. Long threads equal confusions and missed milestones. From this day forward, your clients can video record website bugs, annotate screenshots and give your team a ton of backend info to help diagnose site issues with just a single click!

Add UNLIMITED team members, share reports, manage deliverables, collaborate on a whole new level! Never again will a project slow down because of missed communications. This is as easy as it gets!

Powerful Features


Just add a single line of code and you’re good to go!


Assign, track, and squash bugs. Manage your team and deliverables with a crystal clear visual report.


No matter the framework ie Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal, etc The Bug Squasher works. From here delegate and prioritize website change requests effortlessly.


The Bug Squasher can be hidden from the public and still function – making changes on live sites secure.


With a click, embrace the death of endless email exchanges and feel satisfied with our visual reporting and flexible issue tracker features.


Requesting site changes has NEVER been simpler. Your clients can quickly record their issues, take screenshots, even upload images, while you assign bugs to your team and manage projects.

Bug Squasher Plans

No Credit Card Required for trials.
All payments are processed by StripeTM.
Built for developers, freelancers, agencies, web firms, site owners aka you.

100 Bugs


  • 99
  • /mo

The perfect plan for small teams (recommend: 1-4 fellow bug squashers). Detailed information, seamless integration, zero distractions - unleash The Bug Squasher.

BUY now

320 Bugs


  • 99
  • /mo

Built for larger agency / firm plan (recommend: 15+ fellow bug squashers). Focus on infrastructure, design, and collaboration with our bug tracking software.

BUY now


Your clients will thank you.
Your team will love you.

Yes, the rumors are true! The Bug Squasher works on ANY type of website framework and is easy for your non-techie clients to understand. Use it to manage your development team and knock out site changes quickly and efficiently. Prepare yourself for sleek annotation, visual reporting, and easy collaboration across the board.


This is the most flexible website management tool on the web. Just paste a line of a code to capture bugs, manage your clients’ expectations, get reporting from your team and more!
This is for anyone that wants to streamline and simplify communication between teams, clients and projects. The Bug Squasher is designed with you in mind to make communication between you, your team and clients easy.
Wordpress, Laravel, you name it – it works on EVERY type of website framework.
You have the option to add it to unlimited development URL’s that contain the same project URL name. Example:,, etc any plan works. For live sites you must buy an individual plan per domain.
As many as you want! Add developers, designers, copywriters - there’s no limit!
Yes! The above CRM’s have email addresses associated to their app/workspaces. You can add that email address in your notification section and connect both worlds easily.
Payment is processed securely through StripeTM.
Visit our YouTube FAQ Playlist for guides, tutorials and more.
Just sign up and select free trial and you’ll be off and running - no credit card required.


Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan

Chief Marketing Officer

This is a really simple tool to manage onsite changes. You click away and it captures the URL, user device, and you can even add notes to it. I appreciate the simplicity of it all and enjoy how it streamlines our workflow.

Frank Cottle

Frank Cottle

Chairman & CEO

After using this tool all I could think was, where have you been hiding? The Bug Squasher is a game changer. It’s easy to use and saves my development team time. This isn’t just an annotation tool, it’s a foundation for your team to grow their efficiency on.

Chris Steele

Chris Steele


I love the way this tool makes collecting feedback simple. For non-tech users it’s literally a secret weapon to communicate better, faster and more effectively with your team.

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